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I love the battle feature and the playoffs, it really improved my reading culture. I enjoy battling because it helps refresh my memory after I have mastered a topic through train.
Lagos, Nigeria
It is a fun learning app where we can master subjects. It improves our reasoning skills through multiple choice questions.
Vineeth S
Bangalore, India
I have been using gidimo for almost 3 years now. It challenged me but it is very fun and interesting. It really helped increase my speed in thinking and solving mathematical problems.
Lagos, Nigeria
gidimo has made my grammar learning fun. The urge to reach the last of the ranks keeps me going. It is a great way to introduce ourselves to topics in detail and develop interest in new topics.
Pragna M S
Bangalore, India
gidimo has increased my speed, accuracy, and knowledge of certain concepts I studied in school; specifically in English Language.
Lagos, Nigeria
Learning improved tremendously after being out of school for over two years. Introduced to gidimo SSP while working in Lagos as a security man.
Sadiq P
Borno, Nigeria
I love this app. It strengthens my reading ability.
Ever since I started using gidimo SSP, my learning speed has increased, my flair for reading has also increased and I see the need to practice every day.
Daniel A
It is very useful for us to learn many things apart from our textbooks. I also enjoy battle with others. I think this is the best app for us to learn.
Kumarswamy J

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