Our mission actually answers this question. Thank you for asking!

Our mission is to deliver opportunity and the capacity to exploit it to every willing learner.

Any willing learner who wants to seize their future and improve their livelihood should use gidimo. We want to help millions access opportunities through their learning activities on our platform.

Yes and No.

Yes, all the learning programs are designed to help you master your particular curriculum in a fun and engaging way. However, the specifics of how the learning is presented is based on the category of learners.

For example, the gidimo SSP has a game theme to it, to encourage the inquisitive and fun loving part of today’s teenagers.


gidimo is mindful that everyone learns differently. What we have done is to give you the control over your own learning, so you go at your own pace. No hassle, no pressure, just take it one day at a time.

Follow the daily and weekly challenges, doing this would help you form the habit you need to master the entire curriculum in due time.

Sounds like you would like to meet new people and learn more from others. We got you covered!

There is a fantastic forum for you to interact with other learners within your program, it’s called “Community“.  It is accessible in-app from the gidimo home page, it’s one of the tabs on the bottom of the home page. You can also access the community through the drop down menu on the gidimo home page.

In a community you will have people from various part of the world, who are also seeking the opportunities for better livelihood like you. They come from different cultures and have different opinions to share about the world, feel free to engage them and share your learning experiences as you go.

While in the Community, you can ask for help from our Community managers, they are passionate, friendly and always ready to help you out.

Oh, so sorry you lost your password.

It’s easy to do this, on the log in page click the “forgot password” link and you will receive a reset link to your registered email address or mobile number.

You should see the smile on our faces when we get an email or message from a learner or partner. It literally feels like a flood of light just came in.

Yes! You should buzz us right away if you have any questions.

Email us at care@gidimobile.com or use any of our social media handles.
You can also drop a contact me form available on this site.