We have a goal

To deliver opportunity & the capacity required to exploit it, to every willing learner

It is our passion It will be done!

We bridge the gap between skills and opportunity. How?

We Design Develop Deliver

High-fidelity/high-engagement Learning Programs that connect people to the opportunity they seek.


What is gidimo ?

A learning platform that combines masterygamification, and social learning to drive educational achievement in a convenient and fun way.


Mastery learning innovation

Learn different subjects anytime and anywhere as a student, or professional.


3 billion to be rescued!

It is an ambitious goal, and it will be done! Livelihood must be delivered to the unemployed and underemployed out there.

Impacting many generations!

We solve the world’s educational crisis by delivering mastery learning and livelihoods at scale.

Why gidimo works?

It is based on a well-researched learning approach, the science of mastery, gamified learning, and a hi-fi pedagogic design.


On-the-go mastery

Social and fun learning

Exciting rewards

Access to opportunity

Our Partners

We are supported by reputable brands around the world.

Something for everyone.

Explore our offerings and you will find something for you.


Learning can be fun and addictive! Master all your school topics ahead of class in a fun & easy way, while earning exciting rewards


Help your kids stay actively engaged and happy with learning


Support your students and complement your work with a fun learning resource


Empower your skilled workforce to achieve your bottom-line

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