Announcing the launch of the gidimo Home School!


In response to calls from our parents and school partners who were worried about the impact of school closure on their ability to:

  • Keep learning going at a predictable rhythm and in a highly engaging system for senior school students;
  • Provide parents with alternative tools that are reasonably priced and require minimal supervision;
  • Cope with the new reality of being in the house with the kids all day, everyday, how to keep them busy so parents have some space (WHEW!!!), while also allowing them to learn, grow and have fun;
  • Keep the rhythm of learning active and competitive for senior school students, especially those preparing for WASSCE;


We designed, developed and delivered gidimo Home School (gHS).

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It’s a new experience for many, being at home with our awesome learners all day, EVERYDAY

gHS went live last Monday, and if your brother, sister, niece, nephew, child or ward is not playing and learning with their peers, they are simply missing out on all the fun to be had this season, whilst mastering their senior school curriculum.

At exactly 10:00AM daily, senior secondary school kids all over Nigeria get engaged in gidimo’s Home School from the comfort of their chairs, beds and couches.


What’s a typical gHS day like?

It is cool and fun! The day begins by 9:50AM with a notification to join Topicmania — a mini-program within gHS that runs daily between 10:00AM and 2:00PM, geared towards ensuring high engagement and utmost participation in gHS. At 10:00AM on the dot, Topicmania begins with games like Mathswhiz, Grammartaz, NatureRush and Economipedia.

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Learners will cover one school term’s worth of work!

Learners have daily and weekly tasks. Daily, learners are expected to learn and earn 2 mastery badges which they will get from participating in Topicmania and mastering any other topic of their choice; WHILE weekly, they will be battling it out with their friends in the gHS Weekly Tournament Games (THE PLAYOFFS). The Playoffs will hold every Saturday by 2:30PM. At the playoffs, learners will be given the opportunity to earn powerups that would increase their longevity in the End of Program Tournament. The first Tournament Playoff for this gHS Season will be Saturday, April 25, 2020 [CAVEAT LEARNER 😉]How awesome is this???!!

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Weekly playoffs and end-of-Program Tournament

We also have daily career discussions on the gidimo Community Channel moderated by our expert Community Managers. The purpose of this career discussion forum is to help learners explore the relationship between their individual strengths and subjects they excel at; thereby assisting learners in making better decisions and prepare them for future career opportunities.

Finally, we are taking our parents and guardians along with us on this journey with our learners; every Saturday, our parents shall receive the summary of learners’ activities for the week. The end of program report will be sent to our parents when the students’ stay-at-home order is lifted — which is also the same day when gHS will finally come to an end and we will bid our beloved gHS learners a tearful, but jolly farewell and happy summer break!


So how do you get your Teens to participate?

Hurry to Google Play Store to download gidimo or CLICK HERE

  • Create a gidimo account
  • Get a month’s subscription
  • Learn! Grow! Connect! Have fun!


Have a comment? Please drop us a line on MessengerInstagram or Twitter.

And by the way, we do solemnly promise to take great care of them for you for the rest of the stay-at-home period!

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