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Gidi Mobile is a company filled with crazy people. People who are crazy enough to battle the world’s social economic demons at scale. We are not only crazy, we are hardcore and we are deathly resilient. How else can you explain how far we’ve come and the things we’ve been able to achieve?

In battling these demons, we created a revolutionary gamified learning platform with the sole aim of delivering opportunity and the capacity to exploit it to every willing learner.

We created something brilliant that makes you actually enjoy learning in an exciting, gamey kind of way. Hmmm, let’s not even talk about the fantabulous prizes you can win ALL in the course of learning! Somebody shout hallelu!!!

But I digress, today is about something else. It is about letting you know that for the first time in Africa, we have introduced, The gidimo Home School!

With the lock-down in place, it’s natural for parents to be worried about their senior school kids learning whilst compulsorily confined to staying at home. It is in response to that worry that we created gHS. Yes, in case, you haven’t figured it out yet, this is the best thing to happen to any Nigerian home since sliced bread!

At exactly 10am, senior secondary school kids all over the country, will be engaged on gHS from the comfort of their homes while mastering their school curriculum.

Just because schools have shut down doesn’t mean schooling has to end right? Can I hear an amen?

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So, at exactly 10am to 2pm, there will be daily tasks that would keep your kids super duper engaged together with their peers. This is followed by some pretty interesting games like Mathswhiz, Grammartaz, NatureRush and Economipedia. Don’t let the names fool you dear friend; these games would literally blow your kid’s mind out of the water. Did we stop there? Of course not! We introduced THE PLAYOFFS! Now, The Playoffs allow learners to battle it out with each other every Saturday by 2.30pm. And what kind of company would we be if we didn’t add a lirru spicy spicy?




Oh lol, you’re still waiting for the gist on how spicy we made it? Tut tut tut, what kind of person do you take me for? I can’t spill everything! But hold on, this just keeps getting better. Remember, I mentioned that we are all about delivering opportunity and the capacity to exploit it to every willing learner? Well guess what? We have daily career discussions that are expertly moderated by our Community Managers and are geared towards prepping your children for the very near future!

Hay God! If this isn’t tremendously fantabulous, I don’t know what is. You right there, can you give me another loud hallelu!!!!!!!!! That’s it. That’s it. Now, as you’ve finished shouting the hallelujah, just click here to get your kids started or even here. You can even just start running to Google playstore to download the gidimo app as well.

Hmmm, let me step off here before my village character starts showing. Till next time, beautiful people!

E go be ✌️

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