gidimo is a high fidelity and high engagement learning platform, that allows anyone to learn on the go, in a cool, fun and rewarding way.

The platform houses various programs, with the most popular ones being the gidimo School Success Program, Code Lagos, ENGINE II and many more in the works.

The gidimo School Success Program (SSP) for instance contains most of the subject’s students take in high school. These subjects are broken down class by class, curriculum by curriculum, and topic by topic.

The gidimo School Success Program (SSP) is designed to help high school students master their curriculum and excel in school. With access to various subjects, high school students can learn at their own pace, ahead of class activities and engage in fun learning and social activities with other learners across the globe.



  • N1000/month
  • N2,900/term 
  • N8,500/session
  • N11,000/year


  • N700/week
  • N2,900/month
  • N8,300/term 
  • N23,500/session
  • N31,000/year

Grandmasters’ Quest

Points, badges, levels, and full gamification features

Quarterly Tournament participation

Rewards & benefit scheme


We have various plans that make it easy and affordable for every willing learner.

Click here to subscribe and begin your journey;

Oh, great question you’ve got there!

The steps are quite easy to follow;

1. On the home screen of any of the programs, you will find the SUBSCRIBE button on the top right corner. Just click on it.

2. Select the plan you would love to start with. The most preferred among our learners is the Premium plan that comes with additional weekly or monthly rewards and freebies.

3. Follow the on screen prompt and choose your most convenient method of payment.

It’s as easy as ABC!

One more thing, Gidi is the in-app currency used to display the cost of subscription. It’s a global gidimo currency, used by our learners. 

1 Gidi will be converted to your local currency, to show you the amount payable for a subscription plan.

As a subscribed learner, when learning on gidimo you choose what to do and when to do it. 

Here is a brief summary of the various activities going on:

Daily challenges: You get the chance to participate in daily ‘train” or “battle” activities and earn yourself  amazing game rewards like Stars, Diamonds, GGs and Mastery badges

Playoff: It’s the precursor to the tournament, happens monthly and it attracts thousands of learners. At the playoff, you get to prepare for the tournament and earn some powerful elements to improve your performance at the tournament.

Tournaments: Oh! the tournament is something every learner dreams of. You have worked hard consistently and participated in daily or weekly challenges, now it’s time to show everyone what you are made of.

At the tournament, which happens on a particular date and time, all learners in the gidimo School Success Porgram get to compete to make it to the top of the leader board. They also get the opportunity to experience the reward of hardwork and learning as they win amazing prices.

Our learners describe their activities on gidimo as the coolest and most inspiring way to learn.