Getting Started


Where you start from depends on your current educational level or desire. For example, a student in Year 8 might decide to start with the Junior Secondary Program, which is part of our School Success Program. 

A girl based in a low-income area with low literacy skills, might choose to start with the ENGINE II program.

Therefore, the program you choose to subscribe to, should be the program that empowers your progress and gets you closer to where you want to be as an individual.

When you join the gidimo world, you unlock a life-time opportunity to change your world and seize your future. This journey requires that you get all the timely support and latest update you need to ensure you maximise your curriculum while on gidimo.

Creating your profile and completing with necessary information, would help us customise your experience and make it easy for you to share your learning journey with your friends, tutors and family whenever you choose.

Once you sign up on the gidimo platform, click the drop down menu and go to the “Profile” section to complete your information.

This sounds like a serious question…hmmm. What’s the best answer to this? 

From what our learners say, the average learner studies on gidimo at least three times in a week. The most popular days are Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 

You should plan to spend at least 30mins daily if you want to master the curriculum of your program in due time. 

For example, a learner on gidimo SSP who learns 30mins daily, is more likely to complete the entire curriculum before the school year ends.

Now, you decide what is best for you, given your own peculiarities. Whatever you decide to do, remain confident that gidimo will help you master your curriculum.

Good question! Don’t feel embarrassed at all with this question, few learners have asked us the same question in the past. 

You need internet access to learn on gidimo because all the fun activities are usually done with your friends or other learners spread across the world. The internet is the best way to connect you with others and keep your learning customised and responsive to your needs.

We have made it easier for our learners by including a weekly data reward for Premium subscribers and other learners can also access our occasional data giveaway campaigns. Beyond the weekly data reward, we optimised our platform to keep your data consumption between 20MB and 35MB weekly, if you study everyday for at least 30mins.

We care about you and are determined to keep you connected to gidimo anywhere you are.

We get excited when we hear a teacher or head of learning department is considering any of our programs for their staff or students. 

It’s quite easy to get all your students on gidimo. Taking the gidimo SSP as an example, schools can purchase bulk plans via any of our partners or consulting firms. Fill out the online contact form and someone would get back to you right away.