Choosing a plan is like ABC.

Things to consider when choosing a plan:
1. How often do I want to use gidimo, based on my school calendar or personal study time?

2. Am I ready to maximize the fun and easy way gidimo provides?

3. Am I ready to excel in school and prepare for a global world at a pace I find convenient?

These questions would guide you to choose the perfect plan for yourself. 

Most learners who answered these questions felt they wanted the best at an affordable price to themselves, sponsor or parents, and they choose a termly/quarterly plan.

You should answer the questions and make your decision. But whatever you decide to do, be guaranteed that frequently learning and socialising with others on gidimo would help you seize your future.

Sure you can!

When your subscription expires, simply select the new plan you want and follow the on screen prompt to complete the payment process.

Oh Yes! We made it easy for people to support your learning with gidimo.

If you are a student, your parent or friend or boss can use the “pay for someone” option available here

We have multiple payment channels available to you. Our goal is to make it easy for you, no matter where you are.

You can use these channels in-app or on web:

1. Card

2. Google play 

3. Other local payment gateways in your country