Learning Activities

Do you remember how often you had to revise a topic before an examination? Yes, it felt like long hours of boring study time.

We changed that experience for you, we make it fun for you to answer many questions under a topic so you can truly understand the topic in-depth.

Anytime you get a question wrong, the same concept or topic would be presented to you in multiple questioning style to help you understand and store in your memory.

Oh! It’s good to see you have started learning with gidimo OR wondering why your friends get excited when they receive the shining STAR on their screens.

Stars are your token of love from gidimo. Stars show that you are making progress while studying on your own in the “Train” mode. It’s our way of saying well done! as your progress through the simple to difficult level questions.

Enjoy your stars because the more you collect, the more your mastery badges become. Don’t worry, we’ll explain what the mastery badge means within the gidimo School Success Program.

We took quizzes to another level with the “Battle” mode. Guess what? It’s the most popular learning mode in our program for high school students – gidimo School Success Program (SSP).

You earn Diamonds when you complete a battle with another learner and win. You should try the battle mode now, we are sure you will love it too.

Simply put, a mastery badge is your badge of honour for completing a topic and answering all the questions correctly in a “Train” or “Battle” mode.

 You earn them as you continually progress with all your learning activities in any of our programs.

You are also asking about the gidimo SSP tournament. Wow!

The number of site visitors looking for this answer makes us smile a lot. We know past tournament winners tend to brag online about their tournament experience, and which high school student wouldn’t want that. Right? 

Now, here is how you can participate in the tournament:

1. Subscribe to a monthly or termly plan, choose the option that is most appealing to you.

2. Participate in the daily or weekly challenge to collect your stars or diamonds and mastery badges.

2. Join the monthly playoff to strengthen your core and unlock the tournament button.

Once you do all these, you are ready for a fantastic time at the gidimo SSP tournament. The date and time of the event is available in-app and across our social media handles.

See you then!